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Amazing Video's And Pictures Of Anomalies In Space.

Beautiful High Resolution Orbiter Image Analysis.

Interesting Interviews With Various Whistleblowers.

Life In The Universe Disclosure

NASA / ESA Space Image Analysis

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Mars Conference 2016

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CIA Whistleblower Lindsey Elocin Hooper Speaks Out About Her Past While Working On CIA Projects

Volcanic Rock Or Alien Skull on Mars

Possible tool found on Spirit image from Mars.

Ancient Temple Ruins And A Face Visible From Space Found On Mars

Possible constructions on the Lunar surface revealed on NASA whistleblower image.

Ken Johnston

Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilot speaks out about his time in NASA and his collection of untouched Apollo images.

Baltic Sea Anomaly !

The Unsolved Mystery

Dirt road and small pyramid found on Mars !

Ancient History

Antarctica revealing its ancient past.

15 minutes. Special guest

Chris Moroney from Mars Anomalies

Annunaki Gods teaching mankind anti gravity and levitation

Ancient walls seen from the MRO.

Also see Mike Bara´s lecture on the anomaly

Buzz Aldrin speaks about the monolith on Phobos.

The ultimate proof of ancient civilization on Mars !

15 minutes. Special guest David Gannett

Ancient river and waterfall on Mars.

The journey to Mars.

NASA exploration.

Tracks on the Martian soil seen from the MRO

Mechanical or hydraulic device found on Mars.

Mars Orbiter Anomaly No 1 AKA The Jupiter 2 UFO  UPDATE  New images

Alien base ? Secret government project ?

Military installation ? Excavation ?

Ancient ruins/fortress found on Mars.

City,road and a pyramid in Gale crater..

Huge cylindrical object on the surface of Mars

UFOs From Outer Space.

The Skype conference with Jose Escamilla as special guest

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Thoth's The Time Temple. Giza Alignment Code. Witness the wisdom of Thoth. 

Faked or misunderstood images.

Part 4.

The moving rock

Faked or misunderstood images 

Part 3

Curiosity deliver photographic evidence of ancient constructions on Mars

How to open a stargate. 4Biddenknowledge


Breaking News-Smoking Gun The Jupiter 2 Valley. UFOs-Constructions-Mining site Underground entrance-Buildings MOC M1800558 Best image ever from NASA

Breaking News-Smoking Gun

The Jupiter 2 Valley.

UFOs-Constructions-Mining site

Underground entrance-Buildings

MOC M1800558

Best image ever from NASA

Mars 2015.. Statues. The last standing remnants of an ancient civilization

The blueview images from the Baltic Sea Anomaly

Huge city size dome seen from the MRO

Underground facilities or buildings covered in sand ??

Amazing structures on Mars seen from the MRO

15 Minutes with Billy Carson

Buildings Radar Mars Constructions on Mars

Water on Mars. !

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See the pictures from Google Earth from China and what seem to be a secret military area similar to area 51.

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