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15 minutes with 
David Gannett

Meet David Gannett in this Skype based interview where the topic is Mars anomalies. David found and processed the image of the Dome found on Opportunity image Sol 4073.

This image went viral on the internet after it was presented on Facebook with a storm of positive feedback,

furthermore the image was used and shared by several YouTube channels and internet news sites, though some of them forgot to give the credit to David for his find and his enhancement.

But here are the first processed pictures of this dome.  Enjoy the video and please share on the internet if you like this.

Thanks to David Gannett for taking time to talk to me in this video.

Thomas Mikey

David Gannets playlist.

Fabulous Flip book Of Anomalies.

NASA link to Opportunity sol 4073.

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Mars moon
Mars moon
Mars moon

A few of Davids processed images.

Click on the images to see them in full screen.