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Dollie and Thomas With Special Guest
Penny Bradley

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I'm a MiLabs hybrid, created in 1955. Kidnapped from my bed in 1959 and taken to Langley for mind fracture and psi weaponization--which included time at Montauk. 
 Sent to Mars in 1964.
I served 25 years on Mars in school and then as a fighter pilot in the Mars War. Then I was transferred to Dark Fleet for an additional 25 years where I was a navigator. I was age regressed and sent back in 2014. 
                                                                                                                 Penny Bradley.

Penny Bradley part 1

In our Alien Contact series, we invite people with certain knowledge beyond the main stream knowledge.

Today we invited Penny Bradley to join us and talk about her experiences with the SSP.

Penny was abducted/kidnapped at the age of 4 and brought to other planets and taught about technology and education that we never would get here on Earth in a normal school.

What is a regeneration chamber ? 

How many species are present on Mars ?

What started the Mars wars ?

Who was first on Mars ?

Where do SSP operate ?

Are planet Earth in danger ?

Hear what Penny will answer to some of those questions between many other.

Penny Bradley part 2