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Tiny pyramid and entrance to area inside the rock

Opportunity captured these images at its sol 4644 on the Martian surface.

Are we looking at the top of a pyramid ?

Are we looking at an entrance inside the rock formation ?

Lot's of questions to be answered in these 3 images

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Video. Opportunity sol 4644.  Amazing Images

Opportunity left Earth July 7, 2003, aboard a Delta II rocket en route to a landing site at the Martian equator called Meridiani Planum. NASA was intrigued by a layer of hematite that the orbiting Mars Global Surveyor spotted from above. As hematite (an iron oxide) often forms in a spot that had liquid water, NASA was curious about how the water got there in the first place and where the water went.

The 384-pound rover made its final approach to Mars on Jan. 25, 2004. It plowed through the Martian atmosphere, popped out a parachute and then vaulted to the surface in a cocoon of airbags.

Opportunity rolled to a stop inside a shallow crater just 66 feet (20 meters) across, delighting scientists as the first pictures beamed back from the Red Planet. "We have scored a 300-million mile interplanetary hole-in-one," quipped Cornell University's Steve Squyres, principal investigator for the rover's science instruments, in a press release in the days after the landing.

Pictures below are from Sol 4644 showing interesting features in the Martian landscape.