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Ancient Dome City Revealed on Spirit image of Mars

What looks like the remnants of an ancient dome city on Mars has been revealed by Spirit Rover on Mars.

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Again a UFAH member points out a target on the Martian surface that could be a proof of an ancient civilization that once was ruling the red planet.

A place like this "Tennassee valley"  on Mars must be every archaeologist dream to investigate.

In this valley is what has been described as the remnants of not just one but two domes.

A little one with only 2-3 smaller constructions in and the big one as describe in the video by Mars Moon Space TV.

Something points in the direction that it must have been abandoned more then 1000 years ago, and what once was a dome covering and protecting the inhabitants living in it, is now complete gone and only the foundation the area and a few other features that has revealed the dome is what can be seen.

The picture is taken by the Spirit rover on Martian day 613 (see Gigapan link).

Gigapan link Click HERE