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Ancient ruin/fortress found on Mars

This article has been updated after seeing the Gigapan MSL 1117 with the same object.  

Please check out the new video and the new images from sol 1117.

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Are we looking at ancient ruins on Mars?

Could it be part of an abandoned and decayed fortress ?

As usual you know what you believe, we just give you the images to study.


My own personal believe on this image, is that we are looking at the leftovers of an ancient civilization that once had cities buildings constructions on the Martian surface, just like we know it from our own planet earth.

To me it looks like ancient ruins of a fortress that once was.  

Please check out the gigapan link and see it for yourself.

Thomas Mikey.

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MSL 1117 Gigapan. (you have to sign up to dropbox to view it and search)

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Mars moon
Mars moon



Video nr 1 (old version)

Click on the images to see them in full screen.

Search the gigapan ..  keep left mouse button down and scroll over the image.  Zoom by using your wheel on the mouse.

Or double click on the images to go to the gigapan site.