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Andrew D. Basiago
Speaking at The 6th Annual MARS Conference

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Andrew D Basiago.

Andrew D. Basiago Is giving his lecture "20 Moments on Mars"

This was recorded at the 6th Annual MARS Conference at the University of South Alabama.

Andrew D. Basiago is a leading figure in the Truth Movement, best known for revealing publicly his life experiences as one of America's first time-space explorers and Mars visitors.

Andy is a lawyer, writer, public speaker, media personality, former US “chrononaut,” and 21st century visionary.

He is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington and maintains an active law practice in Washington.

He holds five academic degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA, a Juris Doctor from Lewis & Clark, and a Master of Philosophy (Cantab) from the University of Cambridge.

For more than 10 years, Andy has waged a “Truth Campaign” in which he has told the true story of America's achievements in time travel and Mars visitation. He has done so as one who served bravely in the two secret US defense projects in which time travel and voyages to Mars were first undertaken, DARPA's Project Pegasus and the CIA's Mars jump room program.

In that capacity, Andy was the first American child to Tesla teleport and the US chrononaut who later gave a true account of the early days of time-space travel by the US government.

To get the truth out, he has given over 25 major public talks about his time travel experiences and exploits in the American secret space program to audiences throughout the world.

Andy is a popular guest on talk radio's Coast to Coast AM and has appeared on TruTV's Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, The History Channel's Weird or What? with William Shatner, and more than 100 other television and radio shows produced in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, and Sweden.

His The Discovery of Life on Mars [2008] was the first paper to prove that Mars is inhabited and the first written work to include images of humanoid beings and animals on another planet.

He is the creator of the Facebook groups Project Pegasus and Mars Anomaly Research Society. YouTubes about his time travel and Mars experiences regularly attain more than 1 million hits.

In 2016, Andy was an independent candidate for President. His platform, 100 Proposals, was hailed as “awesome,” “brilliant,” “unrivaled,” “mind blowing,” “genius-in-print,” and “a life experience to read.” He will be seeking the Democratic nomination for President in 2020.