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Base on Mars revealed in 10 year old picture

A base has been revealed on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Image PSP_002841_1740.

Thomas Mikey Jensen

By Thomas Mikey Jensen

April 26  2017

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Base on Mars. Amazing Picture from NASA

Are we looking at a base on Mars ?  

Please have a look at the source link for yourself,  You will be surprised.

This (MRO) image of the Martian surface, was taken on March 5. 2007. 

The distance from the satellite to the surface of Mars is 290,7 kilometers (181,7 miles).

Are we looking at buildings on the surface of Mars ?  If we look at Antarctica via Google Earth and see some of the research or military bases there, it looks similar to what we see in this image from the Martian surface.

Keep in mind that buildings and roads would be covered in dust and soil from the area surrounding it, which makes it harder to see with the naked eye..  Lucky for us we have the JP2 high resolution image to zoom very close as shown in the video above.

Whistleblowers has for years claimed that there is active bases on Mars, and several species present at this time on the red planet.  One of them is William White Crow, former US army who stepped forward and told about his time with secret government projects including traveling to Mars as a part of a training program for people entering secret space program, which also includes interplanetary traveling. 

William White Crow was one of the first to review the pictures from PSP_002841_1740 after posted on Mars Moon Space TV Page of the base on Mars, and his statement was clear..  We are looking at a base seen from above.

Also you can see the livestream that was brought April 26. 2017 where this image was presented to William and other high ranking Mars researchers (link after the images below)

Keith Laney Has done 10 years of investigation on the Candor Tetrahedron (image below)

Go to to read more high value research on the Tetrahedron.

Below is an example of a base on Antarctica seen via Google Earth in colors and in grey scale.

Dollie and Thomas LIVE

With Guest Lewis Michael Rhinehart, William White Crow, Sasha Alex Lessin, Janet Kira Lessin, Bret Colin Sheppard, Karen Christine Patrick, Chris Moroney.

The 6th Annual MARS Conference is near and we discuss images and topics for the conference.