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Mars Moon Space TV

We need your help !

Mars Moon Space TV is a NON profit organization. Though my YouTube channel is "moneytized" the income only cover near half the cost of internet connection, software, travel expenses, computer equipment, etc. Not to speak of the 100s of hours each month spent behind the computer to make interviews, analysis of anomalies from various planets etc.

The annual MARS conference is getting closer and i will be representing Mars Moon Space TV and speaking at the conference just as last year.

In that matter i need sponsors that will help covering some of the cost (last year ended in 1400 Dollar)

My absolute goal is to find funds to cover for a flight ticket for my Co host Dollie Indigostar, so we as a team can cover the 6 annual Mars conference together

Every donation is much appreciated and needed. 

Please use the donation box to donate and help to the continuation of Mars Moon Space TV and 

If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]
Best Regards Thomas Mikey Jensen 

Goal no 1:  To get Dollie a flight ticket (700 Dollar)

Goal  no 2: To have our Hotel cost covered as well (700-900 Dollar)

Excess money from the trip will be used to cover internet connection website cost, and cost regarding the continuation of Mars Moon Space TV. 

If the PayPal page don't come up in English, then right click on your mouse and chose translate to English