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Bret Colin Sheppard

This page is dedicated to Bret´s findings in space.

Bret Colin Sheppard

Mars Moon Space anomaly hunter

Sheppard & Patrick: Was China's lunar map copied from US? High res lunar photos show radio towers

Unaltered Apollo 12 images released
Proves altering by NASA

Video and article By Bret Colin Sheppard and  Karen Christine Patrick 

15 Minutes with MarsMoonSpace.  Special guest  Bret Colin Sheppard

Mars Orbiter Anomaly nr 1 !

ALL HAIL, APOLLO! Theseus, Hero of Athens - Part 1 of 3

ALL HAIL, APOLLO! Lament of Daedalus

ALL HAIL, APOLLO! Theseus, Hero of Athens...

Mixed anomalies 

Mixed anomalies 3

Mixed anomalies 4

Mixed anomalies 6

Mixed anomalies 8

A few of the best images.. More to come.

pelagian Pantheon moon

Mixed anomalies 2

Mixed anomalies 7