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Baltic Sea anomaly.
Perhaps an ancient quarry site

What if.....

Its not a Crashed UFO.

Or an ancient building ?

What if its a quarry site used by a civilization ruling the Earth 15000 years ago when the Baltic sea was dryland ?

The bets are many. This is one more shot from the book of theories.

This video has some very interesting info regarding Baltic Sea Anomaly as an ancient quarry site.

The ROV footage from the Baltic Sea Anomaly

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Could we be looking an an ancient quarry site from a civilization way beyond our knowledge ? 

 See the similarities between pictures from the anomaly and pictures from an ancient quarry site in egypt.

What if this "edges" seen in our image are really cutting marks from some kind of huge tool . and our little wall sure looks like it could have been cut. 

The team repeatedly told that the whole anomaly is covered with straight unnatural looking horizontal and diagonal cut´s.

Maybe the anomaly was just a "workbench" and the crazy cuts are from a giant tool that was cutting larger stones on top of it. 

Pictures from the video.  Click on the picture to see it in full screen.