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New unseen Footage from the Baltic Sea Anomaly.  Not published before.

The material is just a bit of the original total amount. The reason there isn't more is because the recordings were deleted from the DVD hard disc recorder after being burned to a DVD and handed over to Titan TV production in 2013. 

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New Unseen Video footage and Picture from the anomaly is on its way !
Please be patient. All the video footage will be available here as soon as it's ready

The Journey that Started in 2011 with the sonar scan of what today is known as The Baltic Sea Anomaly, has come to a temporary end. 
Today the last ROV (Remote Operate Vehicle) video from the anomaly has been released to the public.

Whats next ? We don't know.
It's important to add that these 5 videos released now, are all that was left on the hard disc after ocean x team burned the material to a DVD and handed it over to Titan TV to be used in the documentary "The Mystery Beneath".
Afterwards the files that that was burned to the DVD was deleted from the hard disc to generate more space for the next upcoming ROV videos, and (if i remember correctly) everyone believed that we could gain access to the material later if necessary.
There is more video footage but its in the hands of Titan TV and those that have followed the Ocean Explorer group on Facebook will know that we have tried several times to get the material released from Titan TV.
I'm not even sure that Titan themself know where the footage is anymore.

 Ocean X Team has now handed over every single video and picture they have from the BSA to the public, and is not in possession of further more videos or pictures from the BSA.

A Big Thanks to Ocean X Team for sharing everything and for the time spent trying to give us an answer to what the anomaly could be.
Thank you for the journey that we all have been a part of here.
I hope, We hope that we one day will get the answer.

Thanks to Peter Lindberg. Dennis ├ůsberg, Cai Parma, Stefan Hogeborn and everyone who has taken part in this adventure in life.
Personal i'm not done with the Baltic Sea Anomaly and will follow every tweet and post about it.

The journey will continue if Ocean X Team can find funds to make a new expedition to the anomaly, or Titan TV in Stockholm by a miracle decides to give away the remaining footage to the public.

Best Regards Thomas Mikey Jensen. MMS TV.

This is the raw untouched ROV footage recorded by Ocean X Team in 2012-06-06. Any opinions expressed related to the raw video material does only reflect the thoughts of the person speaking and not the Ocean X Team or any of its crew members. 

 Visibility is between 50 cm - 150 cm depending on how much of the sea bed is being stirred up by the engines on the remote operated vehicle (ROV). 

 The Ocean X Team has not yet commented on these new raw video files, but has agreed to release them for the public to view.

ROV Footage 5 of 5
The 25 cm hole

ROV Footage 4 of 5

ROV Footage 3 of 5

ROV Video Footage 2 of 5

ROV Video footage no 1 of 5

Here is some screenshots from Video No 1 and Video No 3.

More to come. Video No 3 will soon be available.

Click on the images to see them in full size and full screen