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The first video recorded from the Baltic Sea Anomaly (BSA)

This video was made in 2012,

and shows Masterdiver and diving instructor Stefan Hogeborn diving at the object and taking samples from the object.

So what are we looking at on the bottom of the Baltic sea ?

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Mars moon
Mars moon
Mars moon

The first video of the Anomaly reorded

Other videos about the BSA.

May 2015 i meet the OX team in Stockholm, together with some other good friends related to the team.

I cannot state what is laying on the bottom of the sea, but i do know these guys and when they say it does not appear natural.... then I believe them. We had a long and interesting talk about the BSA (stuff for another good time).

These guys have no interest in lying or or in any way make up a story like this.

Believe me when I say that if they could choose...  then they would rather be without all this. 

No Matter if the BSA is a Rock, a man made construction, or a UFO....  Its a part of our history now.

The BSA and the whole story and journey for the truth has a special place in my heart until the day i die.

Thomas Mikey.