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The Golden Spirals Found In Denmark

Is this the proof of ancient Anunnaki technology's presence in our past ?

Make sure you see the video that explain how these spirals could have been made.

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Make sure to read the Anunnaki theory below after the video.

Up to 2000 small gold spirals from the Bronze Age have appeared at Boeslunde in Denmark. Archaeologists have never seen anything like this before.

The gold spirals was excavated within an area of a few square meters. They were divided in two concentrations. In one, they lay on the range or in small bundles of three and four pieces together. In the other, which is of particular interest, was the spirals together in a pile.

- Gold spirals were collected in a large lump, and underneath we found black flakes of something that resembles pitch, which was part of the wooden box that contained the spirals.

                                                                                      Source: The Danish National Museum.

The Anunnaki Theory

So the humans found the remains or waste product after their "gods". 

Imagine some of the Anunnaki species digging for gold and using the gold for multiple purposes.

Example if they were making objects of gold as small figures, jewelry, accessories needed for purposes that for us are unknown, they might have drilled into the gold just as showed in the video above.

Normally we would throw out the waste product after using a lathe to shape our "product" if it was simple iron, but if The Anunnaki's were handling 1000's  tons of gold,  would they care about 300 gram of waste material (spirals) ?  I think not...

The Anunnaki's threw out the waste before they left with the gold, and some humans found it well knowing it was a product of their "Gods" but without knowing what product or purpose it served.

Only knowing the "gods" created these spirals, they brought it to their King or priest with the story of it being found where the gods was present.

They might consider it as a gift from the "gods"  and a gift from the "gods" belongs to the king.

The king could have used it as earlier suggested for his royal suits or head wear to look or feel closer to their "gods" without being close to know that what was handled over is nothing more then simple waste product of drilling in gold with advanced technology.

                                                                                                   -The thoughts of Thomas Mikey-

What our history tells us and why gold was so important To Anunnaki.

450,000 B.C. Nibiru’s atmosphere begun deteriorating and became hostile to life. Anu dethroned Alalu and came on Terra with a craft. He was searching for GOLD which could be used to repair the damaged atmosphere of Nibiru.
(Our science reached the same conclusions without knowing the Sumerian stories. According to our scientists we can use gold nanoparticles to repair Earth’s damaged ozone layer).

445,000 BC
Anunnaki extraterrestrials landed on Terra and established their base in Eridu, wanting to extractgold from the Persian Gulf. They were led by Enki, one of Anu’s sons.

416,000 BC

The gold production dropped down, which made Anu come to Earth. Together with him came his other son, Enlil. Anu decided the mining to take place in Africa and promoted Enlil in charge of the Terran mission. Enki was sent to Africa!!!

400,000 BC
In Southern Mesopotamia were seven developed villages. The most important were: The “Sipar” Spaceport, The “Nippur” Mission Control Center and the Metallurgy Centre from “Shuruppak”. The ore was transported from Africa in crafts. After the metal was refined it was sent up in the orbit. From there it was loaded in ships, which were constantly coming from Nibiru. Igigi was responsible with the delivery of the finished product.

300,000 BC
The Anunnaki revolted against their masters because the work in the mines was too hard.

Enki and Ninkharsag had to find other workers. They took DNA samples from a female ape and after genetic manipulations the first Homo Sapiens were bred. They have been put to work and replaced the Anunnakis. At the same time, Enlil brought primitive workers from Edin, Mesopotamia. Homo Sapiens could procreate so they begun to proliferate.


So with the knowledge of The Anunnaki's having several mining areas and "crafts" as described to sent the gold to other places to be refined for afterwards being sent into orbit and from there picked up by ships and transported back to Nibiru, it must be considered as very likely that some of the crafts went to other places on planet Earth as well.

Notice that Boelslunde where the golden spirals was found is just a few kilometers from the famous Trelleborg viking fortress which is placed right above a leyline.  

Could there be a connection between Trelleborg and the gold dated to be from between 900-700 years BC. ?

Trelleborg Viking Fortress seen from above