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Ken Johnston, the NASA whistleblower sets the record straight.

The 75 year old former NASA employee that saved a copy of the original set of Apollo mission pictures, Sets the record straight.

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Ken Johnston sets the record straight. 

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Dollie and Thomas. Live with Ken Johnston

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Ken Johnston. Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilot, Has been Harassed, stalked, been an victim of fake news stories, all in the name of truth !

Today we will look at James Oberg and some of the accusations he has made against Ken Johnston. 

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Ken Johnston has been in the center of a true hurricane of false accusations lately.

Thomas Mikey Jensen, Dollie Leanne Deeming and Chris Moroney are digging into the RationalWiki page regarding Ken Johnston and tries to find out who's behind the information given to

Following is quoted from RationalWiki..

Ken is now a retired aerospace worker, ex-US Marine cadet and so-called "NASA Whistleblower." His principal claim to fame is that he refused to follow orders and destroy a nearly-complete collection of 10"x8" glossy photoprints from the Apollo program.

Johnston was born in Corpus Christie, Texas in 1943, [Here we found the first incorrect information. Johnston was born at Fort Sam Houston US Army Air Base in San Antonio, TX.]    and studied at Oklahoma City University. He enlisted in the US Marines in August 1962 and reported to Pensacola as a Marine cadet for flight training in September 1964. He left the Marines in August 1966.

As a qualified avionics technician, Johnston was hired by Grumman Aircraft, principal contractor for the Apollo Lunar Module, to assist with cockpit and instrument development and training, in Houston. He has described his status at that time as a "civilian astronaut consultant pilot."

From 1969 to 1972, during the Apollo Program, he was employed by Brown & Root, principal contractors to NASA for management of the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, where all the moonrocks were stored, curated, catalogued and in some cases distributed to scientists who had successfully applied to carry out analysis in their own labs. An important part of Johnston's duty was to package and ship lunar samples to science labs, together with photographs documenting their exact location and orientation in situ. As such, he had in his office several sets of photographs taken by Apollo astronauts with their chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras. When the moonrock distribution wound down, he was instructed by Bud Laskawa, his boss, to destroy what remained of the photo archive, but he kept one set as a personal collection.
Johnston applied to NASA for the 1977 astronaut selection for duty as a Space Shuttle astronaut, but was turned down on the basis of inadequate academic qualifications. The ideal astronaut was no longer a jet-jock, but a highly educated person with useful skills. Accordingly, Johnston obtained a Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the Reform Baptist Theological Seminary in Denver, CO., and began using the title "Dr. Johnston" However, by the time NASA was recruiting again, Johnston says he was considered too old. He did, however, join NASA's educational outreach program as a "Solar System Ambassador" -- a purely voluntary appointment. 

Scandal in Assam !

We found it odd that this section was written in, to us it smelled of James Oberg's writings.

1: Why would NASA even care about what Ken Johnston was doing in India ?  

2: Who called the Government in India and gave them information that Ken Johnston was a fraud ? 

3: Can Ken Johnston be held responsible for what titles other media choose to give Ken in their articles ?

4: And why is James Oberg even mentioned in as one that did write to ASTEC requesting information but not until five days after Kens return to US ?  

To answer some of the questions above we needed to dig deeper into it.

1: We don't think that NASA cares at all about Ken Johnston.  Ken's "archive" has been public since the 90's. Its a fact that Ken worked on Johnson space center in Houston, and none of the by ken stated roles he had, or work he did can be debunked. 

However we believe that some media have perceived Ken's Title as Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilot very wrong. 

2: NASA did not interact with the Indian Government because of a wrong perceived title by media's from India !  Someone else contacted the Government in India and CLAIMED to be a representative from NASA. (Evidence for this has been secured and will be published later)

3: No. Ken Johnston can not be held responsible for other peoples mistakes !

4: We believe that James Oberg is mentioned because HE wrote or gave the information to (See video at 00.20.00).

A continuation of the answer to question 4: 

After researching a few minutes on we found the source to the information attached on the editing section which is  a website by James Oberg !

So if James Oberg "created the facts" and published them on as facts and only with his own webpage as the source, Then that would be what we describe as FAKE NEWS,

Created by one person only backed up by his own webpage, and by miracle approved on 

And the fact that "Dorkmission" is behind the information on also make us believe that James Oberg is involvet in Ken Johnston's Deportment from India by the Indian Government.

Picture below is from, The very same page attached as source for

We are pretty sure that these words will not be the last. More to come.