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Mars Orbiter Anomaly nr 1
Mining Facility  On  Mars !

This Anomaly that looks like a round shaped object sitting on the top of the hillside is found by Bret Colin Sheppard

Founder of Lunar Research Anomaly Society (LARS).

Its an anomaly never to be forgotten.

Thomas Mikey

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What are we looking at here ?  Is it a building or is it a craft parked on the hillside?  Could it be a natural formation ?

To me it looks like an artificial created construction, build by an intelligent species on the planet Mars !

How much more evidence do we need ?  and what excatly is a valid evidence.

A picture like this from Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) Showing constructions like this, should be going worldwide on the net.

Lets share the evidence in pictures that we have, by sharing Brets find all over the net.

The truth must come out to the public, and its up to you and me to make sure that happens 

You can check out the links to the original images and the gigapan also shared in this article.

Meet Bret Colin Sheppard in this interview Hosted by Thomas Mikey from

Alfred Lambremont Webre Interviews Bret Colin Sheppard.

Was China's lunar map copied from US? High res lunar photos show radio towers

Changé 2 vs clementine.
Bret Colin Sheppards on 

Bret Colin Sheppard

The original (tall) image is 23,4 kilometers in height (just about 15 miles)

and just nearly 3 kilomers wide (1,1 mile)

Mars moon

Mars Orbiter anomaly nr 1 !

Mining facility on Mars  !

The Jupiter 2 UFO
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Click on the image and explorer the Gigapan.

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