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Thank you NASA
Opportunity 3965

Thank you Nasa, for finally showing us whats on the Martian surface!
Take a good look at these snapshots from the gigapan from Opportunity 3965 pancam images.

Opportunty Gigapan  3965
Ancient civilization and its leftovers

Mars moon
Are Nasa finally begun to show us whats on the Martian surface ?
A closer study of this gigapan would certainly point in that direction.
The whole area is full of debris leftovers,  Check out the gigapan link for your self, and be amazed.  When your at the Gigapan  remember to look at the background also, constructions are visible, lots of artificial created object are visible

There can be no doubt that Mars was inhabited once (or still is)
Did a giant explosion wipe out a giant area on the surface ?  Its does for sure looks like it.
Check out the video  on it and please leave a comment with your thought on it on facebook or youtube