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Apollo 11
Neil Armstrong,
Michael Collins
and "People" on the Moon.

Is this what can be described as "soft" disclosure on the subject life in the universe ?

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In less then 1 minute Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins reveal their knowledge in a cryptic conversation recorded by the  onboard audio recorder during the Apollo 11 Mission.

“Boy, there must be nothing more desolate then to be inside one of these small craters.  The conical ones.”

said by Michael Collins  CMP  Command Module Pilot.

And Neil Armstrong  CDR  Commander replies.

“People that live in there probably never get out.”

These are the words of the most famous astronauts through out our time.

Who are the “people” they talk about ?

What is a “conical crater” 

The questions are many, and will we ever get and answer to them ?

This Conversation was brought up in Mars Moon Space TV's other video series "The NeverEnding Journey" by Billy Carson Founder of 4Biddenknowledge

Here is the link to the Apollo 11 flightcrew communications as recorded on the command module (CM) data storage equipment (DSE), and subsequently transmitted (dumped) to Manned Space Flight Network stations. Magnetic tapes containing dumped voice and onboardrecorded ground elapsed time (GET) were forwarded to the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas.