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    NASA Reveals New Mars Rover Demonstration Vehicle For Educational Use.

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    For months, NASA has worked with a concept car company and a TV network to design and build a Mars rover. The unnamed vehicle was built for Kennedy Space Center and debuted in early May. Though it's a demonstration vehicle for educational use, it was designed to be as realistic as possible. 

Since late 2016, NASA's Kennedy Space Center, an unnamed cable television network, and a company that builds concept vehicles have been quietly collaborating to build a full-size Mars rover.

Video and images of the completed vehicle started appearing on social media sites on May 9, following an official unveiling of the unnamed rover in Florida that day.

One clip shared on Instagram shows the rover, which resembles the Batmobile from the movie "Batman Begins," slowly idling around a road in front of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.


Marc Parker, a designer and builder of the new rover, told Business Insider that it's a six-wheeled, all-electric vehicle that was created for NASA "with every intention" of overcoming obstacles on the sandy, rocky red planet.

However, the unnamed rover will never roll across Mars. According to Parker, NASA plans to take it on a cross-country tour of the US for the space agency's upcoming "Summer of Mars" - an educational event designed to inspire the public about space exploration and interplanetary travel.

Marc and his brother, Shanon, began building the rover around November 2016, after NASA approached their company, Parker Brothers Concepts, with the idea. Marc says that he and Shanon launched their business about five years ago to build "outlandish" vehicles for television and movie productions. ("We're the guys they call when everyone else says 'it can't be done,'" Marc says.)

But Marc says NASA didn't fund the rover, whose cost he wouldn't provide, nor is the US space agency the only party involved in the project.

"We're also filming for a reality television series that's going to be coming out about this build," Marc told Business Insider. While he's under a non-disclosure agreement with the TV network, Marc says it's "one of the bigger cable networks." (An Instagram photo shared on Shanon's account shows members of the "Mythbusters" TV shows, which airs on the Discovery Channel.)