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Baltic Sea Anomaly !

The Unsolved Mystery

What do people think about the Baltic Sea Anomaly (BSA) today 5 years later ?
Is it a crash site ?
Is it an ancient construction ?
Or is it just a natural formation ?
Meet Ocean X Team and hear what they think they found back in November 2011, at the bottom of the Baltic sea 90 meters below surface.

"Mars Seen From The Eye of NASA"

A 2 hour presentation by Thomas Mikey Jensen, at the 6th annual MARS conference 2017.

"Anunnaki And The Mars/Egyptian  Connection"

Sasha & Janet Lessin speaking at the 6th annual MARS conference 2017

-Anunnaki and Mars-

Billy Carson speaking at the 6th annual MARS conference 2017.

-Twenty Moments on Mars-

Andrew D. Basiago speaking at the 6th annual MARS conference 2017.

    For months, NASA has worked with a concept car company and a TV network to design and build a Mars rover. The unnamed vehicle was built for Kennedy Space Center and debuted in early May. Though it's a demonstration vehicle for educational use, it was designed to be as realistic as possible.

10 year old Satellite image reveals a base on Mars, with buildings and infra structure.

Undeniable picture of a tree stump on planet Mars !

Neville Thompson, one of the most dedicated and hard working anomaly hunters, have found this amazing anomaly on Mars which only can be compared with a tree stump.
Below you can see the original images from Curiosity sol 1647 and the link to it.
Neville has worked hard on making Gigapans from Mars by using Curiosity, Opportunity, Spirit Rover, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter(MRO) images.
Social Media UFO's #2
Dollie and Thomas have invited Billy Carson to talk about UFO's, Sightings, Alien Contact, And to have a look at some of the latest videos of UFO's posted on social medias.
2 hours of UFO content, pictures, videos, and private personal UFO experiences.

Penny Bradley is tonight's special guest on Alien Contact. She has given permission for us to share her eye witness statements and experiences publicly of her involvement with the (SSP) Secret Space Program and her work within !

New constructions found on planet Mars.

This is an awesome picture as well as the Gigapan..  

After reviewing the image, a cube-shaped object stood out as well as a construction. Could this be a building, or the remnants of one?

 What do you think we are looking at ?

Ruins And Constructions Found On Mars.

Mars was and are probably still inhabited.

Just take a god look at some of the ruins and constructions pointet out in this video

An out of place object has been seen from the MRO satellite on the Martian surface

Opportunity takes photograph Of What Looks Like A Foundation And A Disc Shaped Mysterious Object

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The Baltic Sea anomaly is a 60-meter (200 ft) diameter circular rock-like formation on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea, at the center of the Bothnian Sea, discovered by Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åsberg and their Swedish "Ocean X" diving team in June 2011. The team reported that the formation rests on a pillar and includes a structure similar in appearance to a staircase, leading to a dark hole.

Commentators have suggested that the structure could be a World War II anti-submarine device, a battleship gun turret, sediment dropped by a fishing trawler, or a flying saucer. Geologists have stated that it is most likely a natural geological formation.

Source: Wikipedia.  See more at:


Dollie and Thomas on Antarctica #10

In this episode we invited Billy Carson founder of 4Biddenknowledge to give his point of view on Antarctica secrets, Nazi bases, Secret knowledge etc etc.

Alien Contact - Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell joins us on AlienContact she talks about her new book ****The New Human **** Starseeds, connection and acceptance of a change within humanity !
Enjoy this interview with a truly amazing lady that does profound research, hard work and shares her knowledge - 
Discussed - Abduction - Connection - Interaction - Experiences - 
A must see for Starseeds

Alien Contact - Marina Jacobi

Dollie and Thomas have invited Marina Jacobi to tell about her experiences with alien contact.

This 1 hour and 20 minutes video is a must see production !

Marina has her entire life had alien contact from vivid dreams that became reality to automatic writings and higher knowledge understandings.


Social Media UFO's.  Dollie and Thomas

Dollie and Thomas LIVE.. UFO's caught on tape.. We take a look at some of the videos posted on social medias.
*******WEEKLY WEDNESDAY *******
9pm - GMT -
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JOIN us LIVE WEEKLY - with profound researchers globally, discussing #Mars #Moon #Space Anomaly !!
Astonishing finds, guests and discoveries, making #HISTORY together

Anomalies on Mars

Tiny pyramid and entrance to area inside the rock formation n Mars..

Amazing Opportunity images from MER 4644

The Golden Spirals From Denmark

The golden spirals found in Denmark and the Anunnaki connection

Patty Greer. UFOlogist

Cutting edge FilmMaker Patty Greer shares her inspiring views, thoughts and experiences throughout her journey as a Female UFOlogist ! Patty shares some of her many experiences with detailed raw unique substance !

Alien Contact - Suzanne Hansen

Founder of UFOCUS NZ Suzanne Hansen. Alien experiencer Technlogy out of this world, UFO's, Dual Soul Connection.

an interview out f this world

Apollo 11 On Board Audio recorder

Apollo 11 voice recorder

"People" on the moon !

Disclosure in less then 1 minute

made by Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins on the Apollo 11 mission.

Anomalies On Mars

Anomalies On Mars

"The Spoon On Mars"

Dollie and Thomas on Mars #2

See more at

The NeverEnding Journey #3  Secret Space Program

The NeverEnding Journey #3

The Secret Space Program

With Billy Carson


Bret Colin Sheppard

Life On Mars - The Ultimate Proof

Ken Johnston and Donna Hare 

VS UFAH part 3

Someone is on the Moon!


The 5th Annual Mars Conference 2016

See the 4 speakers here

The Never-Ending Journey

Episode 2

Who built the pyramids and how ?

Who created the Nazca lines and how did they remove the top of a mountain ?

Teleportation ?

Anti gravity ?

Skull And Bones. Wonderful But Weird Mars

William White Crow

On Mars Moon Space TV

Remnants of ancient civilization on Mars ?

Meet Ken Johnston and Donna Hare together with UFAH

Did someone leave a message on Comet 67 P ?

Baltic Sea Anomaly

New ROV footage finally released.

Apollo 15 images from Ken Johnstons archive, reveals possible UFO and an object that is "removed" in the digitized version !

UFAH Live on The Other Side Of Midnight

Amazing Mars Seen From Curiosity Rover

Square hole / entrance.

Alien Device - Writtings And Symbols

Mars Conference 2016

Buy Your Tickets Here

Volcanic Rock Or Alien Skull on Mars

Possible tool found on Spirit image from Mars.

Ancient Temple Ruins And A Face Visible From Space Found On Mars

Possible constructions on the Lunar surface revealed on NASA whistleblower image.

Ken Johnston

Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilot speaks out about his time in NASA and his collection of untouched Apollo images.

Dirt road and small pyramid found on Mars !

Ancient History

Antarctica revealing its ancient past.

15 minutes. Special guest

Chris Moroney from Mars Anomalies

Annunaki Gods teaching mankind anti gravity and levitation

Ancient walls seen from the MRO.

Also see Mike Bara´s lecture on the anomaly

Buzz Aldrin speaks about the monolith on Phobos.

The ultimate proof of ancient civilization on Mars !

15 minutes. Special guest David Gannett

Ancient river and waterfall on Mars.

The journey to Mars.

NASA exploration.

Tracks on the Martian soil seen from the MRO

Mechanical or hydraulic device found on Mars.

Mars Orbiter Anomaly No 1 AKA The Jupiter 2 UFO  UPDATE  New images

Alien base ? Secret government project ?

Military installation ? Excavation ?

Ancient ruins/fortress found on Mars.

City,road and a pyramid in Gale crater..

Huge cylindrical object on the surface of Mars

UFOs From Outer Space.

The Skype conference with Jose Escamilla as special guest

Link click HERE


Thoth's The Time Temple. Giza Alignment Code. Witness the wisdom of Thoth. 

Faked or misunderstood images.

Part 4.

The moving rock

Faked or misunderstood images 

Part 3

Curiosity deliver photographic evidence of ancient constructions on Mars

How to open a stargate. 4Biddenknowledge


Breaking News-Smoking Gun The Jupiter 2 Valley. UFOs-Constructions-Mining site Underground entrance-Buildings MOC M1800558 Best image ever from NASA

Breaking News-Smoking Gun

The Jupiter 2 Valley.

UFOs-Constructions-Mining site

Underground entrance-Buildings

MOC M1800558

Best image ever from NASA

Mars 2015.. Statues. The last standing remnants of an ancient civilization

The blueview images from the Baltic Sea Anomaly

Huge city size dome seen from the MRO

Underground facilities or buildings covered in sand ??

Amazing structures on Mars seen from the MRO

15 Minutes with Billy Carson

Buildings Radar Mars Constructions on Mars

Water on Mars. !

Click HERE to see the images and videos

See the pictures from Google Earth from China and what seem to be a secret military area similar to area 51.

Link click HERE

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