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Obelisk and Saucer shaped objects found and revealed on NASA image from Mars.

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Egyptian style obelisk is revealed by NASA on a Curiosity image

For years there has been speculated on the subject life on Mars and ancient civilizations on the red planet.

Now a new image from Curiosity Rover at the Martian day or SOL 1734 delivered to us by NASA is clearly showing us an area that looks like a war zone or debris field. 

At the very top of that image we clearly see an Obelisk that has withstood a blast from an explosion related to the cataclysm Mars went through 1000's of years ago.

The obelisk is still standing though it almost touches the ground.

SOL (The numbers of days since the Rover landed on Mars. One Martian day is 24 hours and 40 minutes)

Now after looking at the obelisk we (UFAH LIVESTREAM) looked further to the right on the Gigapan and found this saucer shaped object in the back of the Gigapan.

It reminded us of the Jupiter 2 UFO found by Bret Colin Sheppard on the famous Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image M1800558, though there is a huge difference in size.

This object on MSL 1734 is between 4-5 meters wide, the Jupiter 2 UFO is between 200-250 meters wide, though both object looks alike.

UFAH Live stream Recorded Saturday 24 June