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Orbs in Forest Grove US

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Report and pictures are from MUFON

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Witness ..:

I was driving in the plains of Forest Grove Oregon with a friend and about 8 pm on September 19th, 2014. All of the sudden my friend spots a big bright circular light in the sky, just stationary a little bit above the horizon. As we watch it, about one minute later it splits into three orbs, all the same size and shape. They make a triangle, one on bottom and the other two even split on top. Then it split from 4 circles to 5 circles to 6 circles in no uniform pattern, this happened over the course of about 4-5 minutes. Then the 6 orbs/circles stayed stationary in the air until we drove out of view about 5-8 minutes later

What are we looking at here.  Is this a real UFO/ORB dividing it self into 6 smaller orbs.?

is it planes/helicopters. or something else ? 

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