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Ancient machinery found on Mars?

Spirit Rover

Source. Analyst´s notebook

Pancam color mosaic

Sols 2114-2116

Product SOL2114A_P2556_L257F

Are these objects the leftovers of an ancient civilization on Mars ??

As usual you decide what you see and believe.

These images was taken by the spirit rover on sol 2116, the source is Analyst notebook. The Analyst's Notebook is produced by NASA's PDS Geosciences Node at Washington University in St. Louis.

There have been lots of ideas and thoughts on these object,from machinery to ancient greek statues and pillar construction etc etc etc

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These object does not look very natuaral ! But again  this is Mars,  how much do we actually know about "normal/natural" terms on Mars ??

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Link to Analyst notebook, Go to sol 2116 find special products there you find this image.

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