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Project Red Sun

See the video. See the pictures comparing the fake pictures to the originals from NASA.
Project Red Sun is a hoax created by using Apollo images and "converting" them to Mars images.
See the video and you will understand how its done.

UFAH member Neville Thompson and Martine Grainey are todays guests in Rendezvous hosted by Thomas Mikey.

When pictures recently showed up on Facebook with images showing astronauts and rovers on Mars in a secret spaceprogram not before spoken about in public, Neville Thompson started comparing the "Red Sun" images to Apollo 17 images.

See the video and you will see that all the images are "stolen" from Apollo 17 image catalog and modified to look like its from Mars

Apollo 17, 360 degree interactive pan

Click HERE 

NASA link click HERE

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Mars moon
Mars moon

See the video and get the explanation.

All the images from the video.

Click on the images to see them in full screen