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Rosetta Comet 67P
Did Someone Leave a message for us ? 

Are we looking at letters text or symbolic writings in this image from the Rosetta spacecraft of the surface of Comet 67 P ?

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September 30. Rosetta spacecraft is doomed to crashland on Comet 67P.

While the countdown was getting closer to zero, Richard C. Hoagland Hosted his Other Side Of Midnight radio show with pictures.   While airing pictures from various researchers was the topic of the radioshow named  Imaging Series Part 3 – Celebrating 67P and Rosetta’s Final Voyage Home.

While discussing the images presented this picture (also showed below as 3rd picture) came up, and it was while looking at the picture "The text" suddenly was spotted by Thomas Mikey and Keith Laney, that both independent of each other both had found the same "Text" though both Keith and Thomas stated that "we can not know for sure if it is text but it does look like it" 

Did someone leave a message for future visitors on Comet 67P ?

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