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 Round craft/UFO on the surface of Mars.

When looking deeper into the image M1501300  From NASA´s Malin Space Science Systems, This object saw the daylight. 
Ufo under construction/Deconstruction ?

See the video where its clearly hidden by a blurry layer of grey "dust/fog".

Image from The Mars Orbiter Camera

UFO Factory on Mars.?

Acquisition parameters
 Image ID (picno): M15-01300 
 Image start time: 2000-05-20T11:03:39.79  SCET 
 Image width: 512 pixels 
 Image height: 10496 pixels
 Line integration time: 0.4821 millisec 
 Compression type: MOC-PRED-X-5
 Gain mode: AA (hexadecimal)
 Offset mode: 26 (decimal)

Derived values
 Scaled pixel width: 5.67 meters 
 Scaled image width: 2.90 km 
 Scaled image height: 62.57 km 
 Solar longitude (Ls): 354.31° 
 Local True Solar Time: 13.30 decimal hours 
 Emission angle: 0.00°
 Incidence angle: 21.53° 
 Phase angle: 21.54°
 North azimuth: 93.08° 
 Sun azimuth: 26.45° 
 Spacecraft altitude: 377.12 km 
 Slant distance: 377.12 km 
Mars moon
Mars moon

What are we looking at in these images?

Is it a craft under construction or  deconstruction.? or could it be a decayed dome of a kind. ?

The questions are many, we will probably never know the real truth.

My believe in this, are that its a craft of a kind either crashed or under construction.

But i am just like you an anybody else, fully entitled to believe what will, and this is what i see.

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