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The Dimensions of Mars
Bret Colin Sheppard
Karen Christine Patrick

The 6th Annual MARS Conference 2017

Earth Anomaly Research Society

Lunar Anomaly Research Society

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The 6 annual MARS conference

The Dimensions of Mars With Karen Christine Patrick. (Part 1)

The dimensions of Mars With Bret Colin Sheppard (part 2) Coming Soon.

Team Sheppard and Patrick

Team Sheppard and Patrick is the research team of Bret Colin Sheppard and Karen Christine Patrick.

Bret Colin Sheppard experienced a time anomaly where his anomaly finds from the future were shown to him in art class at his high school, where he was told that it was "art from various artists." Whoever did this time mission also knew that Bret has a photographic memory and this would be locked into his memory until a later time. Years later, he feels compelled to pursue looking for anomalies in space agency images of the moon and Mars. He started a Facebook group for anomalists to share their finds called the Lunar Anomaly Research Society. He is known in the anomaly community for some of his discoveries, the Lunar Acropolis, the "Jupiter 2 UFO on Mars" and the Lion of Cydonia. Bret is writing his book on his anomaly finds, plus what he found deconstructing the manipulation of photos from our space agencies. His forthcoming book is called "Digital Moon"

Karen Christine Patrick was in recruitment as a schoolchild in California in a program called Project Talent, in the late 1960's, that was looking for gifted and talented students. Descendant from Project Paperclip and MKUltra, Project Talent was a clandestine program developed as a way to secretly screen schoolchildren for psychic and remote-viewing abilities. Because her parents put her in a religions school and because of Karen's religious upbringing, this caused her to suppress gnosive abilities. Later in life, not only does she remember many incidents of receiving downloads from the morphogenetic field, but she comes into contact with several alien intelligences, including an Anunnaki ancestor, These guides help her throw off the suppression and she is able to know what she needs to know to help catalyze Paradigm Galactic, humanity knowing about a populated cosmos. Patrick has authored a book, "The Anunnaki and the Moon" and works with others in radio, and in publishing books. Karen is a co-host on Aquarian Radio on "The Experiencer Path" on Friday Nights.

Bret and Karen live in New Mexico with their family and two dogs. Patrick is the research team of Bret Colin Sheppard and Karen Christine Patrick