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The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The Baltic Sea anomaly is a 60-meter (200 ft) diameter circular rock-like formation on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea, at the center of the Bothnian Sea, discovered by Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åsberg and their Swedish "Ocean X" diving team in June 2011. The team reported that the formation rests on a pillar and includes a structure similar in appearance to a staircase, leading to a dark hole.

Commentators have suggested that the structure could be a World War II anti-submarine device, a battleship gun turret, sediment dropped by a fishing trawler, or a flying saucer. Geologists have stated that it is most likely a natural geological formation.

Source: Wikipedia.

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Photos by Stefan Hogeborn

Collection of various Baltic Sea Anomaly videos and images


The Unsolved Mystery

What do people think about the Baltic Sea Anomaly (BSA) today 5 years later ?

I've asked The Ocean X Team and a'lot of other people about there thoughts on the subject, and i got many different opinions.

See Episode 1 and hear what the members of Ocean X Team think.

See Episode 2 and hear what Geologist, Ancient history researcher and UFO believers has to say. A 1,5 hour documentary by Mars Moon Space Tv.  A Must See..

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The first dive to the anomaly on video

The first video recorded from the Baltic Sea Anomaly (BSA)

This video was made in 2012,

and shows Masterdiver and diving instructor Stefan Hogeborn diving at the object and taking samples from the object.

So what are we looking at on the bottom of the Baltic sea ?

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Sonar scans and Blueview pictures

The blueview images and the sonar scans

See them all at:

Here is a few of the most posted. Click on the images to see them in full size and full screen..

BSA an ancient quarry site ?

Could we be looking an an ancient quarry site from a civilization way beyond our knowledge ? 

 See the similarities between pictures from the anomaly and pictures from an ancient quarry site in egypt.

What if this "edges" seen in our image are really cutting marks from some kind of huge tool . and our little wall sure looks like it could have been cut. 

The team repeatedly told that the whole anomaly is covered with straight unnatural looking horizontal and diagonal cut´s.

Maybe the anomaly was just a "workbench" and the crazy cuts are from a giant tool that was cutting larger stones on top of it. 

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The complete sonar scan

Baltic Sea Anomaly. NEW PICTURES RELEASED February 2015.

Baltic Sea Anomaly. The short animated story

ROV Pictures from the anomaly