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The Grey statue head and the "ET" head

This one was found on the Opportunity mastcam on sol 3801. 
Is this a natural rock or a statue head or even better a real head ? My believe in this is it could be the leftovers from an ancient civilization that just as we humans do, had statues of well known people in every city. It looks to me to artificial to just being a simple rock. The term grey alien fits in here just fine.

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New video 

The original NASA image from Opportunity

sol 3801

Mars moon
Mars moon

Check out this older video i made some time ago.

Was mars inhabited by multiple species ? Or should i say IS Mars inhabited by multiple species ?. The pictures provided by NASA is providing us with more questions then answers. 

These pictures are real and they are both there..   
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This one is from same image as the grey (see video) The only comparing i could do with something or someone we know was ET from the movie ET.