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The NeverEnding Journey

Come with us on a journey.

A journey that will never end.

Listen to the real life UFO's and alien experiences, 

Secret Space Program

Apollo disclosure


William White Crow

Billy Carson

Bret Colin Sheppard

Hosted by  

Thomas Mikey

See the new series 

The NeverEnding Journey.

A documentary where we will uncover what we believe is the truth about Alien Technology, UFO's, Ancient History, Anunnaki, Abductions and alien Interactions,

and Secret Space Program.

All brought to you by

William White Crow

Billy Carson


Thomas Mikey.

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The NeverEnding Journey
Episode 3
The Secret Space Program

Someone is on the Moon and on the on board audio database on Apollo 11 you clearly hear Neil Armstrong Saying "People that live in there, probably never get out"

Who are those people on the Moon ?

Billy Carson and Bret Colin Sheppard discuss Secret Space Program technology, and the new Concept design for IXS Enterprise Warp speed spacecraft.

Links to Apollo 11 Vice Transcript

Link to Apollo 14 Voice Transcript

The NeverEnding Journey
Episode 2.

Who build the pyramids and how did they do it?

Who made the Nazca lines and how did they remove the whole top of a mountain ?

What do we know about teleportation

What "ancient technology" will be re invented again soon ?

Billy Carson and William White Crow give what they believe is the answer to these question

in this 2nd episode of The NeverEnding Journey.   Enjoy it...

The NeverEnding Journey 
Episode 1.

In this 1st episode You will hear about real life UFO's and alien sightings.

Billy that was visited by Grey aliens

William that saw them outside his window

and Thomas that saw them as a child 

You can see more with William and Billy by following the links below.

The Unsolved Mystery

Also check out The Unsolved Mystery by Mars Moon Space TV

The Baltic Sea Anomaly 2016.

What do the Ocean X Team think they found?