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New Face found on the Martian surface..

A face Almost similar to the famous Cydonian face showed up today on this brand new NASA image.

This is just one of many faces Researchers have reported seen on the Martian surface via Google earth (Mars) or via Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter or like this one from Mars Odyssey, taken by  The Thermal Emission Imaging System (Themis).

Anomaly found worked and processed by

Thomas Mikey. MMSPZC

United Family of Anomaly Hunters

Mars moon
Mars moon
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This anomaly that resembles the Cydonian face,was found 2015-06-02.  The image is uploaded by NASA  2015-05-27 as PIA 19471 Link

When looking closer at the info text on the site you will noticed that the caption date on this image is  Captured: 2003-08-12 09:42 almost 12 years ago.

However the anomaly is still intersting..  Are we looking at a face or is it just a trick of light ?

As you probably already have guessed, i vote for face!.

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