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"The Spoon on Mars"

On an older sol (MSL 1294) an object that looks like a spoon has bee found on NASA,s Curiosity image.

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This anomaly was pointed out by Nigel Hawkins December 20 - 2016 (others may have spotted or posted it before).

It do look like a spoon. The image was taken by Mastcam: Left (MAST_LEFT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1294 (2016-03-27 18:21:46 UTC).

and is also visible on the Navcam  (NAV_RIGHT_B).

So how big is this object ?

We know that the wheels on Curiosity are 50 centimeter (20 inches) in diameter and 40 centimeter (16 inches) wide. So by looking at the Navcam image (Posted below) its should be clear t see the actual size of "The spoon" compared to the rover wheel.