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Thomas Mikey Jensen


Thomas was born in 1977 and is the father of 1 boy (now 8 year old.)

He had his first alien sighting at about 5 years old and first UFO very close encounter at 8 year old.

Thomas have always had an interest in the universe all the way back from childhood.

Already as 6 years ld, he went out to look for UFO´s after dark in the backyard.

He went to primary school as everyone else, and had 9 (from the old exam grade 03-13) in nuclear physics. 

When he left school he wanted to be a scientist an work with space shuttles and equipment used in space, But realized very quick that he was born in the wrong country.

After he "woke up" he became road supervisor, and spent 3 years on that subject while he still was searching for life in the universe in his spare time.

After that he spent 13 years in the haulage 

business as self employed..

After a smaller operation his left ear (he was born deaf on his left ear) he realized that hauling business was dead and start working for a power and heat plant in Copenhagen operating heavy machinery, where he was for 6 month until economical issues forced the plant to cut down on extra employees from the company that he was working for.

All the time through all of this he did research, read, watched, and studied what could be found on the internet about UFO´s anomalies mars moon space etc etc etc.  

The topic Mars Moon Space has been bounded to him since childhood, therefore Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club was an ideal name for his Facebook group that he founded in 2014.

Much of his work with enhancement of anomalies on various NASA images, has been shared around the world by various news sites and used by many other researches for conference material videos and articles.

Thomas founded the United Family of Anomaly Hunters together with his good friend Billy Carson, and gathered some of the best anomaly hunters and their work on a page via Facebook (Search for UFAH)

UFAH has now grown as an organization that has gathered more than 30.000 images of anomalies,and is to be found on Wikipedia 

and has delivered material for documentaries as "UFO's From Outer Space" by Jose Escamilla.


The groups and pages below are all group that he either created or have an admin role in.

Thomas's page

Mars Moon Space TV

Thomas's group

Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club

Thomas's group

Mars Moon Space VIP Club

Co founded by Thomas


Wana We Are Not Alone

The Ocean Explorer

Mars discoveries and solar system anomalies

Mars Anomaly Research Society