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The 5th Annual MARS Conference

The 5th Annual MARS Conference was held in Mobile, AL at the University of South Alabama on November 18-20, 2016.

Keynote speaker is

founder and president of MARS

Andrew D. Basiago

Also speaking are

Laura Eisenhower

William White Crow

Thomas Mikey Jensen

Thomas Mikey Jensen

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Contact info

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Thomas Mikey Jensen
-Mars seen from the eyes of a camera"

Thomas Mikey Jensen Founder of Mars Moon Space TV, , and co founder of United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH), is presenting his "Mars seen with the eyes of a camera" lecture with pictures from his collection of Mars anomalies seen from The Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Indian Space Agency (ISRO) European Space Agency (ESA) the rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity.

Thomas “Mikey” Jensen was born in Denmark in 1977.

 He had his first alien sighting when he was 5 years old and his first UFO close encounter when he was 8. 

Thomas always had an interest in the universe and remembers that as early as 6 years old he would look for UFO´s after dark in his backyard. 

While Thomas wanted to be a scientist and work with space technology, he soon realized he was born in the wrong country for the pursuit. 

He became a road supervisor and hauler instead while still searching for life in the universe in his spare time. All the while, he did voracious research – reading, watching, and studying what he could find about UFO´s and anomalies on mars, the moon, in space, etc. 

 The topics of Mars, the Moon, and Space has been bonded to Thomas since childhood, so he named his popular Facebook group, “The Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club” – active online since 2014 where he also started Mars Moon Space TV YouTube channel and his homepage

Pictures from "Mars seen from the eyes of a camera".  Click on the images to see them in full screen.