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UFO`s -From Outer Space-
A film by Jose Escamilla

See the short trailer and hear Jose Escamilla talk about the movie Ufo`s and Mars Moon images with the UFAH family

Its a great unexplainable honor, to be a part of JoseĀ“s lates movie.  We at UFAH can not thank Jose enough for what he has done.

For us Jose Escamilla is the UFO documentary film producer nr 1, similar to what Steven Spielberg is within the area of hollywood productions

Thomas Mikey...

Thank you for all that you do. The enlightened path can be a lonely one. You have our support and understanding. Together we can achieve disclosure for mankind.   Your Star Brother for life... 
Coach Billy Carson
Through all the hard work by all our Members & their discoveries, we will be reminiscing of all the achievements of each & everyone some day. But for now, we are involved in as a quote by Neville Thompson "putting the pieces together", hopefully to discover exactly what caused this great devastation to this beautiful Planet we call Mars.
Lynda McClendon
Jose Escamilla - We thank you for your fine work and unstinting strength and determination to heighten awareness of what is hidden from humanity. As astronomical pioneers, we are all solidly united in our quest for truth and transparency. In the hope that the day of disclosure may be closer than ever. 
 Martine Grainey

Images from the movie.