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Unaltered Apollo images
proves altering by NASA

Raw NASA Lunar Photo Proves Background Was Blacked Out Of

An Apollo 12 Image, Structures Visible in Original

Texarkana, TX USA – May 3rd, 2015 - 

Written by Karen Christine Patrick

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those

who can remove one of the truth's protective layers.” ~ Neil Armstrong

Unaltered Apollo image proves altering by NASA

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All credits for images and disclosure goes entirely to Bret Colin Sheppard and 

Karen Christine Patrick

Mars moon
Mars moon
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An anonymous, insider whistle-blower who worked at NASA has released a raw, unaltered digital

copy of an authentic photo print retrieved from a garbage bin at NASA's Houston facility a number of decades ago. The photo was sent to Bret Colin Sheppard, image analyst to be released publicly. [PIC 1]

This insider states, “The photos and film were being sent to an incinerator because I was told they wanted pictures bought in the NASA memorabilia store instead of given to the public. But now, I believe it was to keep total control on the photos and film for other reasons as we are seeing.”

PIC 1: Raw NASA Lunar Image, no official number, Apollo 12 series


The photo, damaged due to being crumpled up and thrown in the bin headed for the incinerator,

shows a hill or mountainside behind the Apollo 12 base-camp. It takes up the entire background of the image.

The camera that took the photo was set to bring the background into sharperfocus than the foreground where an astronaut is seen working on equipment. 

The raw image and details stand in contrast to the official version of the image, which clearly has been altered with a uniform, matte black background where the original background has been covered over.

The raw NASA photo suggests important revelations answering questions people have been asking for a long time. One basic question has been, Why do NASA images of the

moon have no stars in it?” 

Debates have been raging on Internet forums for years, but this raw image shows the

simplest explanation. 

The background has been painted over in black. [PIC 2]

While not really answering “Why”, this answers “What” was done.

The insider's explanation about the situation surrounding the recovery of the raw photo in question, validates what researchers, anomaly hunters, and image analysts have suspected for

a long time, that our space agency visually “sanitizes ” the images for the public “protection”, creating more visually-appealing, uncontroversial, branded, simulated imagery from the historically evidential, original photos and film

PIC 2:Official NASA Image, Apollo 12 Image set, matte black

painted background AS12-48-7134 Credit NASA

Humanity is in debt to the whistle-blower who courageously released this photo that confirms the

testimony of other insiders, whistle blowers, and contractually-hired artists who have revealed

publicly that all kinds of techniques have been used to manipulate space agency imagery for

heretofore unknown purposes. The images we are shown look great on our stamps, posters, and on the covers of grant proposals, but it can be known to the public, that the updated images are now no longer historically accurate.

First it must be noted that most structures and other anomalies found by Bret Sheppard and other anomaly hunters in images of the moon are "fuzzy-looking" when people look at them because NASA only releases low-resolution versions of original photographs of legacy missions, . The the originals, if there are any available any more, are as the base photos to create the images used as posters, stamps, or other branded media assets of NASA. 

This insider confirms the that the priority of the use of the image processing right at that moment, was for finding images for use for media and not a concern that historically accurate, high-resolution versions were released to the public and to independent researchers and scientists for analysis.

PIC 3: Background comparison between raw image and official


A number of insiders have indicated that they witnessed space-agency-sanctioned manipulation by direct image tampering, air-brushing, and painting over or smudging details. [PIC 2] 

Another insider has admitted publicly to photoshoptype layering and CGI techniques being used on top of the original images "improving" the image quality, but because it is additive, pixelated data, those images cannot be counted as authentic, historical documents anymore after that


In spite of this process of obfuscation, it seems some features have been missed by the space

agency image processing teams and a growing number of curious citizens, image analysts, and

anomaly hunters have been finding a large amount of anomalies, so much so, that dozens of groups have formed to share findings.

PIC 4: Full Background, Brightness Increased

PIC 5: Full Background Showing Dish and Structures Highlighted



According to the insider whistleblower, who has had the raw image photo for quite some time and

has been able to study it, there is the faint outline of structures visible in the upper section of the

photo. By increasing the brightness on the image, one can see these structures in the background behind the Apollo 12 base camp. The foreground consists of the lunar lander, a small, white parabolic dish used by the mission, and the flag. In the background behind the basecamp, there appears to be a very large structure that supports an enormous parabolic dish and the top of a tower. [PIC 4] 

The lunar surfaces has extremes of light and dark when filmed, as we are told, so something not in direct sunlight would have been in very dark shadows. 

We are looking down a slope into a crater, not up where there would be sky in this shot. The lunar lander and small dish at the base camp is used to show the scale by being positioned in the shot, right in front by the photographer. 

Bret Sheppard used a light “illumination” technique to help visualize the dish and tower. [PIC 5]

That there are structures on the moon is probably the real reason why this photo was

never released. The world deserves to know why we were never told about this.

PIC 6: Closeup of Base Camp