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Villy Rasmussen Saw The Nazi Ufo

4 May. 1945. 3.08 pm CET Was the day that open Villys eyes up for a world larger then we know of.

On his way home from school, he heard a noise, turned around and saw 3 English Mustang fighters coming his direction. Seconds later they almost collided with a flying object similar to what we know as the German nazi ufo.

All this was happening just above a German military camp in Denmark the day before world war 2 ended .

See and hear Villy explain what he saw that day.

Villy is born in 1932

and live today on the island Fyn in Denmark.

His life has brought him through many mysteries and he have done alot of research on ufoes, military secrets etc etc etc.

To Mars Moon Space he tells that he is aware that no one live forever and its about time that some of the things he knows about must come out to the public.

The story of the Nazi ufo is the first step.

All Nazi UFO pictures used here is pointed out as similar looking as the one Villy saw, and are added for illustration purpose only.


Villy Rasmussen and the Nazi UFO