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Amazing image From Malin Space Science Systems.  Water and buildings

Take a good look at these images and the video below,  

Are we looking at a lake and structures around it ??

These where found on  MOC narrow-angle image E01-01581

The smoking gun..  Water and buildings on Mars..

Nasa link

Derived values

Longitude of image center: 178.63°W Latitude of image center: 39.24°S 

Scaled pixel width: 5.59 meters 

Scaled image width: 2.86 km 

Scaled image height: 77.52 km 

Solar longitude (Ls): 120.71° 

Local True Solar Time: 14.57 decimal hours

Emission angle: 0.00° 

Incidence angle: 70.67° 

Phase angle: 70.67° 

North azimuth: 93.76° 

Sun azimuth: 55.70° 

Spacecraft altitude: 373.29 km 

Slant distance: 373.29 km

What are we looking at here ?.

Are we looking at a lake on top in these images, and are we looking at structures / buildings in the bottom of the images.?.

As usual you know what you see, we just show you the images.

Is this a smoking gun proving an ancient civilization on Mars was or still is present on the red planet ?

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